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Our Sponsors

At the outset, The YiSH was supported exclusively by volunteers, primarily an elite few who came to be known as ‘The Legacy 8’. These men and women were instrumental in growing The YiSH into what it is today, sacrificing countless hours towards infrastructure projects, attending steering meetings, and generally promoting ‘Help Us, Help Others’.

The YiSH has evolved well past Rae Day in 2011 into supporting The Phenomenon, The Wifflebar Showdown, non-hosted events, League Play and participating as ambassadors of The YiSH in local, regional and national tournaments.

After nearly a decade, in 2019, it became clear The YiSH had manifested into an endeavor which required more support than the Advisory Council could provide alone. We needed to bring Sponsors on board as strategic partners to help spread the workload over a broader T.E.A.M. or we were not going to be able to provide the atmosphere and outstanding experience thousands of people know as normal, perhaps having unknowingly taken for granted at times.

Please consider joining the fine sponsors below and help us continue our legacy of helping others with our charitable efforts.

out of the park!



Darrin Sappenfield

hitting for the cycle



grand slam



home run